273 Lester Street, Waterloo
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Student Accommodations Rentals
Elegant and exclusive. New secure buildings with exceptional well appointed 2 bath 5 bedroom suites. Beautifully furnished. Bright, air-conditioned, Internet, laundry, large builtin closets and windows. Only 5 minutes walk from school, shopping, entertainment. Very affordable starting in 500's*. Professionally managed and we help you sublet. Treat yourself and join us.
About Us
We are locally owned and operated. We strive to give you a concierge-class professional service with personal touch, individual attention and 7/24 service that will have you feel at home.
We want you to be comfortable, valued and stay with us.
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Contact us:

Phone or Text: (519) 616-2984
email: Rent@3SL.ca
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112 Columbia West, Waterloo
The easiest way to find your home and friends.
call or text: 519 616-2984
email: Rent@3SL.ca
273 Lester Street, Waterloo
112 Columbia West, Waterloo
*prices range depending on utility package selected COPYRIGHT © 3SL
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273 Lester Waterloo
Floor Plan and Gallery - Lester
Floor Plan and Gallery - Columbia
112 Columbia Waterloo
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